Aircraft Owners

3D Scanning Information for Aircraft Owners

Do you own an aircraft? A fleet of aircraft? Whatever the scenario, you’re probably curious how 3D scanning can benefit you.  If it’s obsolete parts that are holding up your aircraft’s return to service or airworthiness, Aeroscan’s expert staff can help you quickly reverse engineer and fabricate a new part.  Do you have a fleet of aircraft but one ship consistently under performs in efficiency and time?  If it’s not engine performance let 3D scanning identify aerodynamics issues.  By scanning an aircraft and locating out of tolerance characteristics, the potential repairs could pay for the loss in fuel efficiency in a short amount of time.

Why you need Aeroscan’s 3D scanning services:

  • Contour / aerodynamics measurement
  • Reverse engineering obsolete parts
  • Cabin retrofits – aircraft interior
    • Capturing aftermarket equipment less drawings that need to be mounted or installed.
    • reverse engineering existing interior components for upgrading or replacement.

Visit the Applications page for additional project types that benefit from 3D scanning.