If you are not familiar with 3D scanning you might not realize how useful it can be for inspecting, comparing and analyzing parts.  Our 3D scanners are a calibrated, metrology grade, extremely accurate pieces of measuring equipment.  When the physical dimensions of a part or object are captured, that data can be compared or inspected against other data.

Maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) facilities can take advantage our ability to check – wear and tear analysis. Custom repair/ modifications. Data for as-built part documentation.  Verification of tooling before manufacturing usage.

If you are a manufacturer, you know how important quality control & first article inspections are. Aeroscan can help you scan your parts or assemblies and compare them to CAD models to insure compliance while supplying detailed reporting.

Looking for some more examples of what we inspect?  Visit our Applications page to see how 3D scanning can benefit you.