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3D Scanning Information for Maintenance Technicians Holding Airframe & Powerplant and Inspection Authorizations

Do you have difficult, time consuming efforts measuring or inspecting your aircraft?  Our services can provide solutions to these problems.  We do this through state-of-the-art 3D scanning.  Our scanning techniques produce highly accurate results compared to traditional methods saving you both time and money.

Why you need Aeroscan’s 3D scanning services:

  • Inspecting and measuring damage
    • Corrosion depth
    • Hail damage
    • 3D damage context for reporting
  • Aircraft dimensional tolerances and straightness
    • Measuring overall dimension for comparisons/ verification to documentation
    • Accident straightness verification
  • Measuring complex contours
    • Capturing fuselage contour for development of direct fitting parts
    • Reverse engineering for fabrication of replacement parts.
  • Reverse engineering and fabricating obsolete parts
    • Fabricating parts unavailable from OEM’s
  • Cabin retrofits – aircraft interior
    • Capturing aftermarket equipment less drawings that need to be mounted or installed.
    • reverse engineering existing interior components for upgrading or replacement.

Visit the Applications page for additional project types that benefit from 3D scanning.