3D Scanning Information for Designers

When developing a design you want as much information and detailed context as possible to make qualified decisions.  3D scanning provides excellent detail and context so that you can design mating or adjacent parts – verifying that the new design is in compliance for tolerances and interferences.  Are you designing complex parts with high material and machining costs?  3D printing has made rapid prototyping a practical workflow, however, you need a model first.  3D scanning and CAD modeling are the required prior steps that people often misunderstand.  Aeroscan can help you with all of these workflows.

Why you need Aeroscan’s 3D scanning services:

  • Contour / aerodynamics measurement
  • Surroundings compliance/ verification
  • Rapid prototyping
    • 3D scan to CAD to 3D printing workflow
  • Capturing aftermarket equipment less drawings that need to be mounted, installed or designed around.
  • Reverse Engineering for design of a new product mating or adjacent to existing assemblies.

Visit the Applications page for additional project types that benefit from 3D scanning.