3D Scanning Information for Manufacturers

Aeroscan is a company dedicated to servicing the Aerospace industry by providing reverse engineering and inspection services through 3D scanning technology.  That means that while there are other 3D scanning providers, we are a company that understands the demands of quality and precision in aerospace parts.  It’s our scanning & post-processing techniques that produce highly accurate results compared to traditional methods saving you both time and money.

Why you need Aeroscan’s 3D scanning services:

  • Inspection/ quality control that are out of current capabilities due to environment conditions
  • First article inspection of manufactured parts
  • Product design & development
  • Tooling – Die & Mould design and modifications
  • Fixture measurement / verification / comparisons

Are you an engineer looking for more details on our 3D laser scanner?  Visit the Engineer’s page.

Visit the Applications page for additional project types that benefit from 3D scanning.