Constructing a CAD (computer aided design) model is an integral step in reverse engineering and sometimes in the inspections process(s).  It is also the most time consuming effort in that workflow. Aeroscan staffs full time CAD designers that are experts in translating 3D scan reference or 2D blueprints and recreating it as a 3D CAD model. Since we often fabricate parts our CAD designers also understand how to model tooling too.  We can not emphasize how critical it is to have aerospace experienced CAD designers modeling your part.

Aeroscan provides 3D CAD modeling as a service within the workflow for reverse engineering and inspections applications.  However, we can also provide CAD modeling as a separate service even if 3D scanning is not necessary.

Want to 3D print an object? You need a CAD model. Not clear how CAD modeling is applied to the Reverse Engineering process? Visit our Process page where you can see how CAD is applied to the typical workflow.