Month: May 2017

TBM Avenger Tail Weight Box

TBM Avenger Aircraft Counterbalance Fabrication

Problem: Removing original equipment, like machine guns and ammo, from the aft belly machine gun on a TBM Avenger made a noticeable difference in flying characteristics.

Proposed solution: Add a counterbalance to an open area in the same vicinity, as identified by a maintenance director.

Question: How to measure a complex space in order to fabricate an exact-fitting steel container in a short time frame?

Answer: Use 3D scanning


  • Quantity of design and fitment errors are greatly reduced compared to traditional means of measuring.
  • Volume of available space was maximized from accuracy of scan.
  • Time to fabrication greatly reduced by producing CAD model faster.
  • No re-work of fabricated part – perfect fitment on first attempt.
  • Estimated time savings compared to traditional means of measuring and designing: 8-12 hours.